Dangerous Desire Part I

03 February, 2022
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I want to tell you this story, it's been a while, so I guess that's okay. I still think about it from time to time when I'm lying in bed and it feels like a film or a dream that has gotten very, very close to me physically. In the erotic sense.


There was a man who booked me quite regularly for a while. I only now realize that I was hopelessly in love with him at the time and that he used that fact to toy with me. In addition, I was also very dependent on him sexually. I was really hoping for the next booking so that he would finally take me again, so that I could be close to him. He just exerted an uncanny fascination on me. At that time he was about 5 years older than me, handsome, athletic, successful, from a respected family and what still makes me revel today is his smell. Somehow he smelled so incredibly good.


When the long-awaited booking finally came in, he wrote that I should visit him in his office in the evening. My sexual tension before these dates with him were often almost unbearable (!). I put on my Burberry trench coat. Well, I mean just the trench coat and heels. When I got to his office, I sat down in his leather chair and slowly began to peel off my coat. He stood in front of me and watched me from above with an ice-cold stare. As I sat naked in front of him, he grabbed my arms and pulled me towards him with a jerk. He said no, then he ordered to drive to my place. If anything, he would fuck me in my apartment. "If any!!!??" I was obsessed with the fear that he would reject me, my body!!! So I agreed and we drove to my place in his car. We didn't speak a word to each other on the drive. I could only think of one thing over and over again: what it was like to be taken by him. Fearing it wouldn't happen today and never again, I recalled the feel of his skin against mine, the feel of his cock in my mouth, and the feeling of him penetrating me. I must have been like a power pole in something...volts...volts...volts!!!


We pulled up, I unlocked the front door and we went to the elevator. I just stared at the light announcing the approach of the elevator and pleading for my release.

He was also staring at the light! Hope and joy rose in me: "already in the elevator, please take me in the elevator!!!"


When the elevator was almost there, he turned to me and said in an energetic tone: "You want an experience? You should have it, my dear!"

The door opened and he tore my coat off my body. I stood completely naked in front of him.

I was frozen and only had a vague perception of his disappearance in the elevator.

I stood naked in my own hallway!

The key to my apartment was in my coat, of course!

My apartment was at the top of the ninth floor!


Unfortunately I have to interrupt the story due to time constraints. I'll share part 2 this weekend!


Bye for now.

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