Dangerous Desire Part II

17 February, 2022
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There I stood. Stunned and unable to get a clear thought. It wasn't too warm in my hallway, 
so I got goosebumps. Only the cold on my skin made me move. As if in a trance, 
I began to drag myself towards the stairs. I don't have to tell you that he held the elevator 
so I was forced to use the stairs. I groped for the railing and very slowly began 
to take the first step.

My heart was pounding and my whole body was shaking. "Oh, God, don't let anyone see me like 
this! Please let me get up there in peace!" The light went out and I staggered up the steps 
in my high heels. Light was out of the question!

So step by step I hiked through my stairwell, on every floor I was so scared that someone 
could suddenly open their front door that I didn't dare to breathe! He was upstairs, I could 
feel him. I could literally feel his power running down my body at that moment. In the form 
of my sweat, which ran down on me now. With every step, with every step, with every further 
floor, my body got hotter. It was endorphins or adrenaline, I don't know for sure. I was on 
fire! But more grew within me. With every movement through this darkness, my naked fear swelled 
with intense excitement. I was so tense and the blood was rushing through my veins, my body was 
asking for eyes, for hands, for everything! I started shaking. I would have loved to scream. 
From fear and also from lust. I was scared of myself; shocked.

So, almost blind and not in control of my will, I padded towards the eighth floor.

Then light went on. I can't possibly describe what happened to me at that moment. I stood rigid. 
Naked. Drenched in sweat. Aroused. And above me, people entered the hallway. I clenched my jaw 
because my teeth were chattering. He was upstairs holding the elevator! Oh, what a feast I must 
have given him! Like prey in a trap. "Please! Please! Don't do this to me!!!"
A hearty farewell was given by the people in the hallway. I was so turned on, so naked, so 
disempowered, so wet, I got on my knees and crouched against the elevator door. He was with me, 
whatever happened now, he would feel what I feel. I knew that!

Then I let it go. That night I surrendered to myself in front of the elevator, defeated by my 
lust. I masturbated. Nothing else was left...

When I came, the people were gone. I haven't noticed anything and nobody noticed me. 
I don't remember much of those few seconds. They were a mixture of pain and ecstasy.

The elevator door opened and he picked me up off the floor. He wrapped a robe around me, 
then carried me inside my apartment. In the most caring manner, he put me to bed.

He didn't want to sleep with me.

He said what he just felt was the most intense emotion of his life. I was completely exhausted 
and couldn't get a single word out.

When I woke up the next morning, he was gone. He never booked me again.

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