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18 February, 2022
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Hello friend, 

firstly, I'd like to thank you for reading my blog, it's sincerely appreciated. How wonderful that I can share a few stories and things I find intriguing with you. Oh course, mostly I'm regarding to erotica and my sensual experiences -to no surprise. Though, as someone who loves longer dates, and especially trips together, the erotic aspect alone just wouldn't be enough to create epic stories lasting a lifetime. 

I've been so lucky to have spent a few with the most amazing gentlemen. We spoiled each other rotten with shopping trips, spa experiences and unforgettable time spend in bed. And on the floor. And on the table. And in the bathroom. And... And... ;-)))

You see, my intend is to write something about myself and what are things coming to my mind? I'm just a natural born lover...

Here are 10 fun facts I'm comfortable sharing, which you probably didn't know about me. 

1. I'm half Swedish and half Italian. 

2. I speak 4 languages.

3. I hold an BA (Hons) Arts degree.

4. I was a mixologist for a while. 

5. I enjoy being independent, for it allows me so set my own terms and have a more personal contact with my amazing clients.

6. I'm a person with a healthy appetite and a very good metabolism. Also: I have a lot of sexing and therefore need that extra energy. 

7. I am genuinely bisexual and was in a relationship with a woman, once. It was beautiful, though I'm not a one woman or man person and this was a dealbreaker. 

8. Besides being an escort, I run my own businesses. What did you think? Lol 

9. I fell in love with a client once. It was mutual, though unrealistic, since neither of us wanted to move to the other end of the world. C'est la vie...

10. There's this weird thing I do, recently. When I walk along a busy street, I throw people flirty looks so they never forget me. 


So, that's it about myself, or at least af far as I'd go publicly. There is much much more about me worth sharing. But I keep those anecdotes to our time together, for I want to look into your eyes when I talk to you. I hope it will be soon, as I'm thrilled to get to know you better in return. 

Big Kiss




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